1 Hour LIVE Online Training

Spent Money, Time & Energy Trying To Learn Mandarin But Failed ?

Discover How To Go From An Absolute Beginner To Speaking, Counting & Texting in Mandarin Like A Pro In Just 1 Day!

Using Unique Formulas & Techniques Noone Has Taught Before!

By Sifu Kairesh, Malaysia's #1 Celebrity Mandarin Coach With Over 4,100,000 Views On YouTube !


6 Dec 2022


8.00PM - 9.00PM

24 Nov 2022


8.00PM - 9.00PM

Learning Mandarin Doesn't Have To Take 5 Years, 20 Textbooks & RM5,000 In Tuition Fees..

If you're reading this, you know that..

You've tried watching countless YouTube videos about learning Mandarin..

You've tried reading books to learn Mandarin "the easy way"

You've spent years taking expensive lessons from teachers who don't even know the struggles of a non-Mandarin speaking person trying to learn Mandarin..


You still lost when your Mandarin friends or colleagues start talking..

You still wish you could participate in conversations..

You still don't get accepted in jobs that says "Mandarin speaking only"


Join Sifu Kairesh & go from having ZERO knowledge about Mandarin to becoming..

A Mandarin Pro who can talk like as if they have been speaking Mandarin since birth..

All in ONE DAY!

What You’ll Learn In Under 1.5 Hours:

  • How To Structure Words & Sentences In Mandarin Using Malay, Tamil & Cantonese To Speed Up The Process!
  • Quick Formulas & Shortcuts To Learn Complex Mandarin Words Within Seconds!
  • How To Count, Calculate & Say Any Number In Mandarin
  • How To Go From A Complete Beginner To Speaking Like A Pro Using Sifu Kairesh’s simple understanding frameworks

Who Is Sifu Kairesh ?

Sifu Kairesh is globally renowned for his unique teaching methods which enables anyone to pick up Mandarin fast.

Being an Indian who is fluent in Mandarin & Cantonese has garnered attention from all around the world. He has been teaching Mandarin for over 13 years to celebrities, royalties & prominent figures and has made thousands to speak and understand Mandarin.

He also uses Tamil, English, Cantonese and Malay Language to explain phrases that makes Mandarin even more easy to pick up.

“ Knowing any language in this world is an asset. Make use of this asset and reap all benefits the world has to offer.”

-Sifu Kairesh

Who Is This For?

Business Owners who want to grow their network to bond with suppliers,customers & partners

Sales Professionals who want to close bigger deals with their Mandarin crowd

Corporate professionals who want to learn Mandarin to get better opportunities in the workforce.

Students who want to learn Mandarin to improve their skills & get new opportunities

See What Others Say…


Found it difficult to learn Mandarin in the traditional teching methods & managed to quickly understand Mandarin with Sifu Kairesh's unconventianal methods..

Spent over 8 months learning Mandarin in a private college but couldn't learn much. Joined Sifu Kairesh's masterclass & managed to tell time, negotiate, count to 9000 & more within 8 hours!

Azizan & Friends

Didn't believe that the class could help but took the leap & couldn't recognise herself anymore because she could now watch videos in Mandarin & understand 100% of it!


Educator who understands how difficult it is to learn & teach language but is blown away by how Sifu Kairesh has simplified it with the use of songs, acronyms & more!


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